Strategic Human Resource Management of Tesco

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Executive summary

This report evaluates and discusses Strategic Human Resource Management at Tesco. The organization has initiated a high commitment model which presents training and development to all employees. They have expanded their customs through extending their logo every little facilitates to show their pledge to employees plus to customers. Through these aspects, we can see a world class model and very successful for the organization.

Organizations are applying strategic HR as a change agent, not to substitute an out dated personnel department. Even though there is still proof within the UK that once these involvements are executed, they just substitute the role of the personnel department. The organization that will be reviewed is Tesco; during the past decade they have introduced strategic HR with increased training of employees. The role of HR within the organization has increased in importance. Their practice of training and the importance of HR will be reviewed with the current theory.

Tesco controls in a very competitive market; the consumer can buy their groceries with variety of choices. They have developed their range to include electrical goods, clothing and financial services offering customers products from Credit cards to insurance. All their products are available on the internet 24 hours a day.

Their slogan every little helps is used to show their commitment to customers, this has been used to reduce prices and to increase the level of customer service. This slogan is now used in their staff training, that any intervention will increase the knowledge of the work force.

The organization is broadly accounted in news papers due to the success of the business. In the UK, they are expanding with the opening of their Metro stores and into new and foreign markets rapidly.

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