Shrm Compensation Plan

The purpose of this plan is to establish a staffing and compensation system whereby the salary ranges are established by market classification data.   The compensation system will be designed whereby movement with the salary range is determined by the individual employees’ productivity and skills.
Each hiring manager will request that each person who interviewed the candidate to submit written feedback on the candidate.   A candidate evaluation form will be used to identify and weigh the most important areas of the position and allow those who are participating in the interview process to assess the individual’s qualifications and to provide side by side comparisons of the candidates.
All newly hired staff members will need to be able to employ his skill in specific way required by his new position and by the organization.   If the new staff member needs to learn new skill related to what he already knows, we are offering continuing in-service courses and workshops and\or offer release time or financial support for external courses, conferences, and other learning experiences.   There will be a requirement of a minimum of 30 hours a year in professional development.   All new hire and professional training orientation will take place in the first two weeks of employment.
The key personnel who will have major roles in the development, implementation and management in the Motor Services Division’s success are as follows; Business Manager, Lead Mechanic, Chief Financial Officer, Assistant Manager, Marketing Director, Human Resources/Payroll Manager, and Development Officer.   The key personnel will be recruited from colleges, high schools and by traditional methods recruitment at job fairs and by referrals.   We will also only interested candidates to apply in person or on-line.

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