Should Women Be Held Responsible for Being Raped If They Wear Revealing Clothes?

Women should not be blamed for rape. It is pathetic so many people buy into the male 'blue balls' theory. Men can control themselves, and no matter how sexually provocative a women is (and this is all a matter of taste - one man's provocative is another man's normal), rape is never understandable. Get used to women being free, and if a woman wants to go out and get trashed and dress sexily, it doesn't mean she deserves to be raped.

The issue that Amnesty has tried to highlight about the attitude
“that more than one in four believe a woman is at least partly to blame if
she has worn revealing clothing or been drunk”. Have some people missed the point?
The point of attitude, not cause. Women should be thinking more
about their personal security, not what they are wearing.
Craig Scott, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Possibly the most idiotic thing I've ever heard. Some women do wear virtually nothing, and some women do flirt far too much. But they're not asking to be raped. Being intoxicated is also clearly not asking to be raped, it just gives a man ample opportunity to take advantage. When a man takes off his top in the summer, is he asking to be raped? Are an entire beach of sunbathers asking for it?
Is an intoxicated man asking for it? No. By its very definition no-one ever would ask for it.

Im rather shocked by most of these comments which blame womens dress sense on getting raped.
Do these people really think that the only people who get raped are young attractive women?
Get a grip, all walks of people get raped, children, adults, the elderly even people of the same sex.

Rape is well defined by statute - there is no argument. It doesn't matter what a woman is wearing, what she does or where she goes - if she doesn't consent to sex, it's rape.
There is no question, nothing to do with reputation, nothing to do with flirting. No consent equals rape.

We need a huge cultural shift in attitudes to allow people to understand that rape is about...