Should the Drinking Age Be Reduced?

Jessica Bermudez
Writing 073ZA

Should the Drinking Age be reduced to age eighteen years of Age?

      Alcohol has always been a problem. Though the law states anyone under the age of 21 are not allowed to purchase alcohol, many underaged are finding ways to get it. The state believes reducing the drinking age will help resolve this problem. Will this really make a difference? The drinking age should not be reduced to eighteen years of age because, it will be taken advantaged of, it can increase drunk driving, and can cause addiction.
      First, alcohol will be taken advantaged of by teens. For example, teens will create constant parties just to drink. They will find any occassion to buy alcohol. This will lead to a lot of trouble in neighborhoods. The state should really think about this.
      Second, reducing the drinking age will increase drunk driving. For instance, studies have shown that drunk driving has decreased by 40 percent. If the drinking age is reduced, the percentage of drunk driving will increase. Innocent lives will be harmed. Many families will suffer because of teens drinking irresponsibly.
      Third, reducing the drinking age can cause teens to become addicted to alcohol. According to AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), the addiction to alcohol has increased by 30 percent. This can double if the drinking age is reduced. Alcohol can also lead teens to experiment other substance. With teenagers going through peer pressure, it may lead teens to drink more or proceed into drugs.
      In conclusion, the drinking age should not be reduced because it will be taken advantage, it will cause drunk driving, and addiction. Neighborhoods will no longer be at peace. Drunk driving will rise. Addiction will worsen. The drinking age should remain at the age of 21.