Should Parents Allow Teens to Make Their Own Decisions

Most parents think that teenagers are not capable of making good decisions or to think for themselves. They believe that they should make all of the decisions because their children are their responsibility. This could have a negative effect on teenagers and hinder their development as thinking, independent adults. The lack of freedom to make their own decisions could also cause them to develop low self-esteem, become easily manipulated and persuaded by others to do things that can get them in trouble. Some teenagers feel incapable of setting goals or lack ambition and the will to succeed because their parents are always making decisions for them.
I believe that parents should build a relationship with their children,   and encourage communication that flows freely and allows two-way dialogue at all times. Parents should be there for their children to support and encourage them when they make the wrong decisions. They should allow their teenagers to make their own decisions if it will have a positive effect on them and their future.
When I was growing up, I was not allowed to make any decisions on my own. I was taught, in the same way that my mother was taught by her mother, that children were to be seen and not heard. I was afraid to confront my mother on many issues and personal concerns.   I was afraid to express myself and had very low self-esteem. My mother did not give me the freedom to express myself, because she considered me a child.  
During my childhood, children were not allowed to go places without parental guidance or an adult.   I believe my mother treated me the way she did because she did not trust me enough to allow me to go places with my friends.   She told me on numerous occasions that when I graduated from school, got a job and was able to contribute towards the household expenses, then she would consider allowing me to make my own decisions.