Should Nato Troops Be Withdrawn from Aghanistan

Today I would like to talk to you about the withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghanistan. This report is specifically aimed at the government and to those who are clueless about what is happening behind the scenes in Afghanistan. Today I will be focusing on the following topics; firstly the war has caused great suffering for the afghan people, secondly the war appears to be unwinnable due to years of fighting between Afghanistan and rival countries and thirdly the war has resulted in injury and death for Australian soldiers and is loosing popular support.

It has been claimed the war has had inflicted great suffering upon the afghan people. It is estimated that between 2006 and june 2010 nearly 7000 Afghan civilians have died as a result of fighting. These civilians clearly do not deserve to die as they are innocent and harmless. The NATO troops should feel ashamed of their service, these are people these are human beings. Guilt should be the only feeling they have within themselves every time they see and elderly man struggle and watch him die. And every time they see a mother and her children scream worse than saddams as they force her out of her home.

We as a nation were told that these troops are fighting terrorists but the only terrorist I see is these troops and their occupation is terrorism. The Guardian on August 10, 2010 stated, ‘Civilian casualties in Afghanistan are getting worse, according to the latest statistics from the United Nations: the Taliban’s increasing use of home made bomb and political assassination has been responsible for a 31% increase in the number of civilians were killed or injured in fighting in Afghanistan this year..’ the only thing we should be hearing is a decrease in killings and injuries, not an increase. This needs to stop, mothers, fathers, children are dieing daily and we sit back and allow it, we need to come together as a nation and make a change and let the people who are behind this hear our voices.

It has been...