Should Ge Change Its Firm Boundary?

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Corporate strategy
Should GE change its Firm Boundary?
In conclusion, GE should change its firm boundary. GE major challenges are emerging out of its prevailing strategy. The aim of this company is to gain global recognition. Therefore, the company comes up with global products ideas and replicates them to all the countries. However, research underlines the significance of understanding customer needs. This will take place by asking them what they want before production. This strategy has emerged successful in multinational companies such as Apple and Procter and Gamble (P&G). The current GE healthymagination was formulated by the company’s top management without consulting the public about the possible outcomes. This move was appropriate and might have looked innovative because every individual is seeking for affordable healthcare. However, this initiative could face several hurdles. For instance, Case 19 (275) states that the efforts of GE could emerge futile in the event whereby the Congress is successful in repealing the legislation allowing affordable care initiatives. Critics are first to cite several problems that could emerge as a result of developing business plan that is affected by legislations that are likely to change as a result of political administration uncertainties.
Key questions
How effective is quote and make initiative in addressing GE problems?
By changing its boundary and adopting quote and make initiative, GE will be able to split from internal “silos” in the effort to trigger collaboration. This way, GE will remains assured that GE is able to reduce health care costs while improving how they take care of patients. One central focus area should involve the poor and rural areas where medical record does not exist. By inquiring from the consumer, GE will be able to introduce and successfully distribute hand held electronic devices that are significant in improving record...