Should Civil Rights Pertain to U. S. Companys

Should Civil Rights Pertain to U. S. Company’s
Dale Rogers
  Argosy University

Whether Civil Rights Apply to U. S. Companies
    First it is a person choice if they want to work for a company that operating overseas and they may have to follow the laws of the country in which the company is planning on during their business. Also if the company is in own and operated by an American company I think yes all civil rights should apply to them. (Employees Who Work Abroad & Are They Covered by U. S. Employment Laws? | Bradley 09/2013). But if they chose to work with a company that is overseas and it is not controlled by American Corporation then they should be held to standard of the regulation that govern the country in which the business is located. Sometimes business that work overseas that are from the U. S. also employees non-U. S. citizens that will not be title to civil rights of the United States and sometimes they are afraid that they might violate their employees’ rights because those employees from the U. S. might be held to a different standard than their counter part non-U. S. citizens.   The company are obligated to educate their employees that they still are protected against discrimination under some of the major federal employment status. (Employees Who Work Abroad & Are They Covered by U. S. Employment Laws? |Bradley 09/2013).
Important to comply and understand legal laws of other countries
    There are many reason why it is important to have an understanding and following the legal system of other countries while operating in a foreign country they include and not limited to employment and labor law, taxes, corruption and human rights. When comes to employment and labor laws in a work environment overseas their laws are below the standard that is required in the United States. (Legal & Ethical Issues International Business Expansion, n.d., pp.1-3). One issue that could be created for a company would happen when they are hiring...