Should Cannabis Be Decriminalised?

Cannabis is considered as a soft drug which is accepted in certain countries like Jamaica, Netherlands and even Reunion island. It is considered as a recreational drug. In Mauritius, Two types of cannabis are consumed by people. Firstly cannabis sativa (gandia) and secondly marijuana. Cannabis can reduce the proliferation of synthetic drugs being sold around, specially children and youngsters are easily accessed to that. Other drugs like heroine are also being sold.

The decriminalisation of cannabis will definitely stop the proliferation of hard drugs because it is recreational. It gives a sense of uphoria to those taking it contrary to the effects of hard drugs which put people out of their wits and can commit crimes. Whereas, cannabis makes people feel cool, passive, providing a feel good factor to the consumers. Also, synthetic drugs are affecting school children. These drugs are available everywhere and it causes damage. Since January, more than hundred children are admitted to Brown Sequard hospital. Example, a case from curepipe, a boy passed away due to the synthetic drugs.

In the name of human rights, personal freedom, people want to smoke cannabis because it decreases anxiety and to some people, it breaks stress from hectic life. To others, it recreates their energies when they are tired and still other people believe that cannabis keep their figure. They don't become fat. Jockeys smoke cannabis to keep their weight. It is a personal choice for them. Those who smoke in Jamaica has always been fighting for cannabis.

Cannabis provides a wider access for medical use, for example many medical benefits for cancer patients, because cannabis have been proved not only to prevent cancer spreading but also reducing their pain. Cancer being an incurable disease, what's wrong if those patients smoke cannabis to soothe their pain and give them happiness.

The depenalisation of cannabis will definitely reduce street problems. Today there are a lot of drug...