Should a Tax Be Placed on Soft Drink

Should a tax be placed on soft drink?
As you know I’m Dylan and I’m here to tell about soft drink and that should be tax. Most people in the world are drinking soft drink these days and its getting drunk like water and it needs to stop because of it is doing to people with causing many health problems. We need to stop this DANGEROUS sugary liquid and should be put on a higher price on the drink now or it could get worse.
Originally soft drink was for a treat or a sometimes drinks or for parties but now people drink it every day and that’s a terrible thing as it causes many diseases such as diabetes type 2 and other related obesity diseases such as kidney disease and heart disease. People are drinking soft drink so much without realising that there are huge amounts of sugar in the drinks for e.g. one can of coke has 39 grams of sugar which is equal to 16 teaspoons of sugar.
Diabetes type 2 and obesity are the two main diseases cause by soft drink but there are more serious diseases causes by soft drink that I said before. In diet soft drinks there are chemicals that cause many cancers more research needs to be done, to understand the true health issues associated with these chemicals. And the knowledge shared so everyone understands their risks. It is a similar situation to cigarettes before everyone knew the true health risks.
Sugar seems addictive; once you have it you want more. The chemicals and additives have lot of adverse effects on health. There have been studies that say caffeine as an additive in soft drink increases consumption. There is no nutritional value in consuming these sugary, processed drinks. And a lot of evidence pointing to health issues from over consuming.
In conclusion I think that there should be tax on soft drinks, including health warnings like the warnings on cigarettes packets. More Tax could help research the health issues related to soft drinks, and the price increase would hopefully help people cut down these sugary, chemical...