Should a Knower’S Personal Point of View Be Considered an Asset in the Pursuit of Knowledge, or an Obstacle to Be Overcome?

Should a knower’s personal point of view be considered an asset in the pursuit of knowledge, or an obstacle to be overcome?

Knowledge is the information of the world in which we acquire by our perceptions, interpretations, the different ways of knowing, points of view, and many other ways. Nevertheless, knowledge is more than that. We have to take into account how and when we apply our knowledge in our everyday lives. We can take into account that truth is the objectivity of knowledge, whilst our opinions are the subjectivity of knowledge. Before we divulge into the aspects of points of view and how it influences our pursuit of knowledge, we must consider what can also influence our opinions. Whether it is an obstacle or benefit, our points of view influence us to a large degree on how we thrive and search for knowledge. Using evidence and logical reasoning cannot be sufficient in every case, our views and beliefs must also play a role in determining and defining the knowledge of the world. In different areas of knowledge such as natural sciences and ethics, we can see how opinions can present many limitations. However, we also see the importance of opinions. Throughout this essay we will be able to see to what extent our points of view affect our acquiring and interpreting of knowledge in our everyday life.  
Natural sciences are geared by the scientific method. The scientific method is a process in which many steps are followed to arrive to a certain truth regarding science. In this case, the steps must be followed accurately so as to not disturb the outcomes of the experiment that could then inflict the final “truth” which is being sought. Personal points of view could (and have) be an obstacle in following through these steps. Evidence, facts, reason, and logic are the main methods and ways of knowing which adhere to the scientific method; points of view and personal opinions do not comply. Confirmation bias, which is the device that people use to favor...