Short Type Questions- the Caretaker

Short Questions- The Caretaker
1. Importance of the bag brought by Aston:
Aston’s presents Davies a bag what he calls Davies’ bag. Davies repeatedly insists the bag is his property, retrieved by Aston from Davies’ former place of employment. Yet after fighting for it, physically, and engaging in further conversation with Aston, Davies suddenly cancels all claims.
                      DAVIES :   Eh, look here, I been thinking. This ain’t my bag.
The bag symbolises authority and power and the bag swapping episode signifies the complications of power relationship in the play.

2. ‘they look at each other. both are smiling, faintly’- explain

At the end of the play ‘The Caretaker’ Davies is alone as two brothers deserted him. The two brothers are looking at each other with a faint smile. This faint smile is one of the rare communication between these brothers during the play. They, despite being brothers, communicate hardly in the play. On this level the action becomes a cruel game where Davies is homeless they are smiling at each other.

3. In what situation does Aston tell Davies to leave the room ?

In act 3 scene 2 Davies brings up his plan when talking to Aston, whom he insults by throwing back in his face the details of his treatment in the mental institution, leading Aston, in a vast understatement, to respond: "I . . . I think it's about time you found somewhere else. I don't think we're hitting it off" (68). When finally threatened by Davies pointing a knife at him, Aston tells Davies to leave: "Get your stuff" (69). Davies, outraged, claims that Mick will take his side and kick Aston out instead and leaves in a fury, concluding : "Now I know who I can trust"

4. Sidcup- importance

Davies plans to travel to Sidcup where someone has been keeping his papers for the last fifteen years. He needs to get these papers which will prove his identity and provide him with employment references. Davies' papers contain his identity, and are thus a potent...