Short Story

Outside and In
The body lay cold in the freshly fallen snow which was gradually turning red as the blood poured out from the poor man’s wounds.   It was too early in the morning for anyone to be up and on a walk.   As the snow fell intensely, people started to roll out of their front doors to head to the train station.   Due to the covering of the snow, no one noticed the man as he lay there freezing cold and barely alive.  
Kevin Evans, a honourably discharged Navy SEAL, had recently been thanked and congratulated on his effort and bravery saving many lives off a exploding cruise ship.   The cause of this detonation was not known but Kevin had risked his life for others which made him a saviour as well as a great role model for future Navy SEALs.   By risking his life, he had also wounded himself so badly that he had to be honourably discharged and be retired to a desk job.   After saving all the lives from the cruiser, the bomb exploded while Kevin was diving into the sea and shrapnel pierced his leg and severed a major muscle in his leg.   Life-saving surgery was then carried out but his leg would not operate the same anymore and he would be left with a permanent limp.  
School was starting nearby and the children were out and playing in the snow and having fun.   A sudden gasp was heard and then screams of horror when a group of girls had discovered the blue, frozen man in the snow.   Teachers came sprinting out of the foyer to see the problem then the authorities were called and an investigation was started to discover the cause of the horrific accident.  
Kevin woke up in the hospital dazed and confused.   Investigators were constantly questioning him to get to the bottom of the incident.   A Navy SEAL Commander walked into Kevin’s room and sat down next to him.   Kevin did not realise as he was still drowsy but this was his old Commander, Commander Nathaniel O’Neil.   The Commander expressed his sorrow and disappointment in the people who committed the crime.   Kevin...