Short Story-Stars


My heels clicking tremendously on the pallid mosaic floor, my heart was thumping excitedly. The moment I reached the registry table, I let out the most perfect, professional beam ever then handed over my resume to a thin-looking blonde.

"So, what's your name?”

"I'm Astar,”

"Excusez-moi? Mademoiselle, I'm asking for your name, not what are you dreaming of,”

"It's my name! My name is Astar,”

"Mademoiselle, I'm on my working hours right now and I don't accept any jokes within these hours,”

But, that really is my...”

"Why don't you give your full name,” suddenly, a male voice interrupted our stiff conversation. Who was it?

"It's... Astar-Laurie Frankel,”

"Okay, Mademoiselle... Laurie, please be seated. Monsieur Rhapsody will be attending you shortly,”

Okay, so my name is a kind of weird. Astar-Laurie Frankel. However, I had met many people whose name was a lot weirder and even tacky than me, like Rhapsody, and even the receptionist own the name of Pomegranate! Later, when my name was being called, I felt a surge of happiness flowing in me. Oh, finally! My dreams! My wishes!

Holding a cup of hot, creamy latte in my dainty fingers, I dawdled around the La 'Vista Garden. Oh, I just loved the eccentric panorama of the kaleidoscope of colourful blossoms, budding under the soft tears of the Eye of The Heaven. I just loved spring, the season of love. As I sat in an ebony gazebo, which was built under a star anise, a persona suddenly came, and sat beside me. I looked to my left, and there he was. It was that man! At the theatre!

“Hi, Astar,”

"Hi... how do you know my name?”

"At the theatre, don't you remember?”

"Oh, yes... Oh, yes! Whew, silly me! So, you are...”

"I'm Chevre Lancashire, and you can call me Chevre,”

"Your name... it's a lot weirder than mine, Chevre,” I grinned stupidly.

"I was named after a cheese, that’s why I owned a cheesy smile, see?” then, he smiled.

"Yes, you do......