Short Imaginative Essay Used for Foundation English

Imaginative Essay
Once upon a time in a small town called West End there was a group of five boys sitting on the school wall waiting for lunch to end. The boys were called Rex, Jack, Ryan, Zack and Jeff. Rex was the strong and brave one; Jack was the smart and clever one, Ryan was the game geek, Zack was the horror guy and Jeff was a, well a mysterious and quiet kind of lad he rarely spoke which slightly worried the others but that didn’t stop them being friends. They called themselves the Angels

*as the bell rings for end of lunch* the Angles got up and headed for class when they spotted a group of five new girls Rex said “let’s go see who they.” Zack replies “sure but don’t start anything Rex” Rex *Smiles* “sure I won’t” Jeff lifts his head and stares at the girls *clears his throat* “Guys I recognise one of them”. Rex asks Jeff “who do u recognise?” “The tall one with brown hair” Jeff replies. The Angles stop and stare at the girls. The girl who Jeff had seen looked behind her and noticed the boys staring she tells her friends. The girls stopped and walked up to the boys.
The girls were called Jane, Rosie, Paige, Aimee and Charlotte. Jane was the Kind and caring girls. Rosie was a girl that tried to get the boys. Paige was a quiet and shy girl. Aimee was a girl that loved using weapons (swords and knives). And Charlotte was the girly girl.

Jane asks the Angles “what are you staring at boys” None of the boys spoke Jeff kept his head down hoping Jane didn’t recognise him. Jane *notices Jeff and recognises him straight away* and says “Hey Jeff.” Jeff replies “hi” in a meekly tone. Rex Laughs and says “come on Jeff tell how you and *gestures to Jane* know each other” Jane says “my name is Jane” Jeff says “I don’t want to talk about it” *Jane smiles* and says “I’ll tell you how me and Jeff met” *Jeff looks at Jane with the look of don’t tell please* Jane “says we met at are old school” Jack says “so uses two are close?” *Jeff shoots his head and stares at...