Short Case- Organization


To: Senior Management Team

From: Catrice West

Date: August 6, 2010

Subject: New Ad Campaign In Jeopardy

It has been brought to my attention that an upset worker has recently sabotaged one of the bottling plants. Unfortunately, the worker mixed a chemical into one of the machines, which caused 120,000 bottles of the spring water to become contaminated. Due to our new ad campaign that emphasizes the purity of our natural spring water, this malicious act has caused great harm and a major setback for our company.

I believe that it is quite necessary to inform the public about this incident, Public awareness to recall the contaminated bottles of water will be quite costly and might bring mistrust toward our company. However, we must schedule an immediate meeting to develop a new strategy that will help the company maintain a positive image in the eye of the public and our loyal customers.

The company should make the decision to do an immediate recall of the contaminated bottles of natural spring water. As well as doing a recall, the company should make the decision of removing the worker that sabotaged the company product and reputation. It will also be imperative that the public be reassured that the company is apologetic and that the future of the company is continuously moving ahead.

Once again, it is important for the company to recall the contaminated bottles of water and make the public aware of this unfortunate situation. The worker that caused this problem should be handled with right away by eliminating the change for another situation to occur to the company.