Finding that perfect shoe will make or break your outfit, when just walking around or finding that Mr. Right. When going shoe shopping you have to have in your mind what you are looking for. Are you looking for comfort, style, or exercising? How much money are you willing to spend? These are all things that you need to take into consideration, when trying to find the perfect shoe.
When arriving at the shoe store, always walk in knowing they might not have what you are looking for: but can possibly have something similar or even better. They might not have your size so if you really love the shoe ask yourself are you willing to go a size small or bigger. When you first see that perfect shoe, you gasp it takes your breath away and nothing will stop you from getting it. There are many steps that you need to take and think about.
First of all, when you walk into the store go straight to what you are looking for, do not get distracted by anything else until you find what you are looking for. Next, when looking for the shoe and you find it, look for your size, you always want to be comfortable in what you are trying on. Like people say “If the shoe fits”! You always want to right shoe. Put the shoe on and walk around in it. Can you walk without tripping or falling? How long can you walk in it, do you think that it will only be a certain amount of time you can last in the shoe?
Is the shoe fashionable? Will it turn heads: and if so is it a good or bad thing? Are you trying to make a statement and what kind are you trying to make? Can you conquer the world in these shoes? When after you fall in love. Look at the price. Are you willing to spend the money if they are extremely expensive, or are you looking for something that is a little cheaper? Going to the clearance section if always good. They have cute stylish shoes that are cheaper and you can rock them wherever you go. If you are willing to spend any type of money, either go look for more shoes or walk right up...