Shoe Store Incident

The Shoe Store Incident Analysis

Judy Havens


October 05, 2015
Kevin B. Hiatt

The Shoe Store Incident Analysis

      Regional store managers control the operational procedures of stores in their area, ensuring each store runs smoothly, complies with marketing campaigns, meets company goals and that each store is following company policies and procedures in a manner that is within the guidelines for state and federal regulations.   As the regional manager of a shoe store chain, this is my analysis of an incident containing both legal and ethical issues. The analysis will show how the incident could have resulted in gender discrimination, unethical actions and what the store manager should do to try to resolve this matter.
The Incident
      The situation is the best customer, Imelda, asks for a female sales employee to assist her with fitting her for shoes, and that if she is helped by a female she will probably buy five pairs. Bob, the manager explained that Tom would be happy to help her and that it is company policy that the sales employees rotate daily working the front and the person working the front gets sales commissions. The rotation system allows each employee the opportunity to make commissions.
Legal Issues
      The legal repercussion is, knowingly or not, the customer is asking the manager to violate Title VII in selecting a female over a male employee to attend to the customer’s needs. This could be construed as gender discrimination. Title VII laws regarding gender encompass the complete range of the employment relationship and states that gender may not be the basis of any decision related to employment unless gender is used as a bona fide occupational qualification (BFOQ). Customer preference is not a legitimate and protected reason to treat otherwise qualified employees differently based on gender. “The law forbids discrimination when it comes to any aspect of employment, including hiring, firing, pay, job...