Ship of Thesus

Ship Of Thesus

Nick Altmann

  1. I think the answer to the thought experiment question is…
T is P because the first ship was made out of certain materials that distinguished ship A from being any other ship.   However, ship C was made out of parts from ship A making them technically the same craft.
            2. I think this is the answer because:
 P1 if S is P
P2 T is S
C: T is P

I feel as is if T is P (ship C is ship B) because we have evidence that leads us to believe that all ships are indeed the original ship.   However, through deductive reasoning, we can infer that T is indeed P.   This can be seen in the model but we can also reason this because of the validity of the evidence.   Although it depends on what one calls originality, we still can prove that T is P.

            3. I think the first premise is true because… (explain why it is true)  
The first premise is true because Ship A and B both have the same captain.   This is crucial because when counting on originality of the ship.   If Ship A was the ship the captain started on, And he returned on a ship, than ship B must be the original ship.
            4. I think the second premise is true because… (explain why it is true)   The second premise is true because Ship C now has the parts of Ship A.   Because the ships have the same parts, we can conclude that ships are the “same”.   Since Ship C is made of parts from Ship A, Therefore Ship C is ship A.