* Pathetic fallacy onset of scene   thunder and raining
Main character: David Helfgott
Father: Peter
Music teacher: Ben Rosen
Female friend: Cathryn Pritchard
Music instructor- Cecil Parkes
Wife: Gillian

  * Takes the form of a series of flashbacks and flash-forwards
  * Opening:
      * image of David as an incomprehensible mess
      * Child, teenage and adult
      * Dialogue is gibberish
      * Dark set
      * Face in close up/ extreme close up
      * Profile talking to psychologist (assume)
      * See him as a mental patient pressure put on him to be accepted in the music industry   Becomes an incomprehensible mess
  * Exchange of dialogue
      * Lead up to values David holds in place in his adult life
      * About to enter the most cleansing part of life
      * Approaches people in the restaurant
      * Rain symbolises the cleansing of his life
      * True sense of   belonging in the restaurant
      * Reflects a sense of community and plats just to please people, not to win
      * Non-diagetic music
      * Soft piano music   reflects style that he can play in
  * Close up and mid shot of Sylvia see affection on her face and embraces him and accepts him for who he is. Compassionate
  * “to live to survive”:
      * Says this in his young age
      * Repetition of this tells how important his experience was
      * Yearns to belong
      * Words of his father echoing in the future even when his father has disowned him
  * “to do something wrong, you can be punished for the rest of your life” establishes his alienation. When he was young, he belonged but now doesn’t fit in society because of his fear in the community.
  * Opening scene of him playing   slow motion, sound effect echoing and a surreal atmosphere
  * Camera pans as David goes down the aisle to play for the assembly
  * Applause continues   acceptance   signifies people accepting who you aresense of belongingits not genuine, its...