The national animal of India, who helped Goddess Durga reinvent peace, is now the official mascot of 2010 Commonwealth games. Lovingly named as Shera, this happy tiger is symbolizing India’s victorious journey towards modernity in his new avatar. Read on.

The 19th edition of the Commonwealth games is just 138 days away. The country’s capital is steadfastly readying for this grand sport fiesta to be held from October 3 to 14. Given the game’s paramount importance, everyone is feeling the excitement including our very own Shera, who has come out of the jungles to host the game with a smiling face. Who is he and what makes him so special? Let us introduce him to you:-
Name: The word ‘Shera’ is a lovely transformation of its Hindi origin ‘Sher’, which means ‘Tiger’ in English.
Appearance: Shera is cool by nature. And, it reflects in his modern-day animation. This creatively stripped tiger is seen smiling all the time. He is attired in white sporting jersey and blue shorts. Ready to rock the ground with tough sports shoes.   The most welcoming move is made when he folds hands in Athithi Debo Bhabo (Guest is God) spirit.   He underwent changes since he was first introduced.

Mood: Shera is a global citizen with ‘India’ at heart. He is happy all the time and enthusiastic about making others happy. He is dynamic, playful, honest and disciplined. He loves children and respects the aged.  

Mission: Shera’s mission is to make the 19th Commonwealth Games a grand success. With “come out and play” motto directed to both young and old , he keeps on visiting different places around the city prior to the start of the games to encourage more participation. He is the game’s most celebrated face.

Symbol: Shera is an icon who stands for uncompromising powers, courage, values, friendliness and intelligence.   To sum it up, he symbolizes everything we Indians are proud of. He also represents our national animal, the king of the jungle, who will extinct soon if we are...