She Realised It Was a Mistake as Soon as She Turned the Corner

She realised it was a mistake as soon as she turned the corner. There he was standing there, right in front of her. Chloe's legs shook uncontrollably as she became filled with repugnance and dread, her heart racing faster than a speeding bullet.
Eerie, dark and misty- the walls covered with old graffiti. The alleyway had no-one in sight. No-one used it except the brave and the foolish. You could never know what lie in its depths. She could not have regretted taking this route more, just so she would be at home in time to watch her favourite T.V. show- 'Gossip Girl'.
*** "Oh gosh, it's the creepy thin man" Chloe said nervously to her friend as she put her head down trying to go unnoticed.   Kate looked across the road as Chloe had brought the 'thin man' to her attention. Kate's eyes widened with fear as she looked at him. She quickly grabbed Chloe's arm protectively as they scuttled off towards the school building. "I don't understand what he wants from you Chloe, why does he always stand there watching you like that?" Kate said very concerningly- "We really ought to report him you know".
"I know I've seen him several times, but thankfully he doesn't seem to do anything more than to just stare. Don't worry Kate, he will go away eventually" Chloe said reassuringly to convince Kate and herself, though she was just as apprehensive about the situation deep down.***
He was tall and thin, wearing a trench coat and a top hat. It was difficult to see his face through the mist, but he had a distinctive silhouette which by now was easily recognised by Chloe. As he walked closer towards her slowly, the closest she had ever been to him, the light from the dim alley lamp hit the side of his face that revealed a horrible burned melted face. His image was enough for Chloe to impulsively turn around and run as quickly as she could.
"Chloe" called the thin man. Chloe stopped- how did he know her name? What did he want from her? The force of her intense curiosity prevented...