Task 4 (CYP3.5)
1)My notes for the professional discussion.

  Crucial to have positive relationships
  Secure attachment for child’s well being- Key worker
  Helps with settling in
  Care meeting individual needs, it is LAW.
  Easier transition, emotionally secure at preschool
  Key workers liases with parents & family, get support if needed
  Strong relationships mean less unwanted behaviour
  Key worker observes emotions, expressions and supports development
  Positive relationships are maintained by…
3)At preschool I have created positive relationships with my key worker children. From the first day I meet them I have ensured that I communicated effectively, tailoring my approach for their individual needs. I have created comprehensive All about me books with all relevant information about theirs interests and needs. I refer to that book frequently so I can adapt tasks to interest them which in turn helps with their development. I observe the children regularly and make sure that the parents are kept informed and updated. These children will engage in open conversation and will come and find me to play with them.
At first I struggled to build a relationship with the Child that has English as a second language. But with the advice and support from my colleagues and professionals I have developed strategies to help break down those barriers. For example, we use a translator pen (penpal) to read books in both languages. This always makes her smile and she will sit in the reading area happily with me. I would like to develop this relationship further and encourage the child to speak more freely.
Recently I have noticed that when talking with one of my Key worker children, I didn’t give them enough time to answer the questions. I must remember at all times to remain patient and give them at least 10 seconds to give an answer.


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