Shc 33

SHC 33
1.1 - Explain what is meant by diversity,equality and inclusion.
Diversity - the state of being different,being diverse,unlikeness,variety and a point of difference.
Equality - having the same rights or status, a person/individual or thing equal to the another.
Inclusion - to be included in all such things as, activities, discussions and playtime.
Please see core cyp 3.7 - 4.1
1.2 - Describe the potential effects of discrimination.
The individual being discriminated against may,be excluded from or miss opportunities and therefore not fulfill their full potential,be excluded from certain roles,commit self-harm,have low self-wroth,a confused identity,fear of rejection, have low self-esteem and dampen their motivation to learn.
This all means they don’t reach their full potential and are unable to give their full contribution to society in their adult life.
Those who inflict discrimination are also harmed as their prejudice makes them believe some people are inferior to them,giving them a distorted view on the world. The families and friends of individuals who are discriminated against can be affected in many ways,some may be emotionally hurt and have their own feelings of self-worth challenged,if the discrimination has been violent they may feel scared,others may react violently in return and grow their own prejudice’s towards people they view as being like the original attacker.
1.3 - Explain how inclusive practice promotes equality and supports diversity?
Inclusive practice supports and promotes both diversity and equality by working to welcome everyone regardless of culture,background,social factors,gender,or any form of disability/impairment,or restriction,this open approach is providing a service that helps to break down the barriers that may prevent participation,and enables us to work towards breaking them down.
Inclusive practice sees each child and their families as individuals enabling a setting to plan what it provides to meet...