Shc 32

Assessment task SHC 32 Engage in personal development in health social care of children's and young peoples setting

Write a description of the duties and responsibilities of your own role
-A relevant level 3 qualification, (e.g. B-tec, NNEB Diploma, NVQ level 3, etc.)

- The ability to work positively and effectively both individually and as part of a team, cooperation and respect are essential.

-Respect for all others within the setting, both adults and children.

-Effective interpersonal skills, enabling positive communication with other members or staff, children, parents and visitors.

-The ability to act flexibly adapting to changes within the setting, children and nursery.

-Awareness of the importance of confidentiality enabling relevant information to be handled appropriately.

-An awareness of all nursery policies, procedures and documentation with the ability to follow and comply without question.

My specific Duties include -:
1. To providing a safe and stimulating environment for all children, ensuring the nursery
room is fully appropriate for every child dependant on their age and ability. This
includes displaying children’s work and providing attractive, informative displays.

2. To ensure all plans are completed and carried out appropriately within the given time, whilst evidence and evaluation must be documented. Practitioners must provide suitable activities and play opportunities both indoors and outdoors in order that children develop to their full potential; children should be scaffolded within their   free-play enabling individuality of learning.

3. To act as a key worker to a given group of children, ensuring full awareness of each
child’s personal and educational needs, which should be met at all times. This will include completing written developmental records, observations, reviews, IEP’s, personal details and planning.
4. To follow all relevant guidance regarding child care and...