Shc 32

1.1 Describe the duties and responsibilities of own work role.
Personal development and reflecting on your methods of working are fundamental to you as the practitioner in a wide range of different settings. Engaging in personal development has a positive effect on you as the practitioner and also your methods as an early years practitioner. However keeping the goals realistic to you as a person and your lifestyle.
As a practitioner you should be understanding of what is required of you. This means that you must have the correct qualifications and not only that, but are competent in what you do. You must be able to reflect and then develop on your practice, you would do this by looking at what you need to work on, identifying the barriers and then overcome them.  
For example, a benefit of reflecting on your practice could be, increasing your self esteem, the barrier could be that you might ignore the things that have gone wrong and only look at the good, to overcome this you could ask a trusted college to give you feedback and advice on your good and bad points.
Another example, a benefit of reflecting would be that it encourages you to evaluate different ways of completing tasks and gives you encouragement to think more creatively, a barrier would be that you may become confused if you think of too many ways of doing things and as a result plan too much and go around in circles, to overcome this you would then set yourself an upper limit of maybe three ways of doing a task and trying each out on different occasions.  
Points to include when evaluating your methods would be to think; did you choose the appropriate time, place and have the correct resources. For example, if you were doing an arts and craft activity, would it be better to do it in the afternoon or morning, is it the equipment age appropriate, and do you have enough...