Shc 31


Hi, if you can identify all the times you communicate with colleagues, senior staff members, parents, children and the professionals outside of your setting/placement .. see why you spoke with them.

It may also help if you separate the knowledge aspects posted and collect information that helps you to understand your current knowledge, formulate what to write and see what areas can be researched further.
    • name the different reason people communicate..
      eg: to have a question or query answered or to request help, guidance, assistance, direction, to share concern, to share new information / provide updates to ongoing situations, arrange or organise a meeting or maybe to begin or maintain an informal friendship / professional relationship where passing greetings are exchanged...
    • explain how communication affects relationships in your setting ..
      Does communicating in your setting help get things done, support teamwork, support parents, children and colleagues, ensure the sharing of professional knowledge and understanding or divide people, create barriers and bad feeling.
    • explain how people from different backgrounds may use and or interpret communication methods in different ways
      Ethnicity, culture, language, educational history, disability, impairement, social - family, friends, aqcuaintance network and structure, economic - jobs income finance
      EG: email communcation may be more valuable to one than another if internet access was an issue.
    • identify barriers to effective communication ..
      Impairement - auditory hearing, visual sight, disability - learning and speech impediment, allowance of time, assumption, own laguage and understanding of other languages, inaccessibility of resouces and finance to secure means of communicating effectively.
Methods of communication involve:
Face to face - use of eye contact varies in diffent cultures
An awareness of facial expression, gesturing, body language...