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Who's the Author?
      “To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.” Can you guess who wrote this? This famous quote was written by the great William Shakespeare himself. The man responsible for many terrific plays and poems, or is he? Did Shakespeare really write all of the plays and poems attributed to him? Is he the real mastermind behind all of those great works? Or is it all just a great big cover up? Despite all of the controversy and criticism raised by   opponents throughout the years,   Shakespeare is still widely credited for all of the unique and distinctive poems and plays his name bears. Though today, his authorship is still questioned and runs through the minds of many people around the world.
        When did this all begin? For hundreds of years, Shakespeare was accepted as the respected actor, poet, and dramatist behind the brilliant poems and plays that were graced by his name. He was never thought to be part of a conspiracy to hide the truth that another might just be responsible for his thought to be great works. So why do a lot of people suggest that he is not the true and rightful author? It wasn't until 1857, people began to have their doubts about it. That year, American writer, Delia Salter Bacon, published The Philosophy of the Plays of Shakespeare Unfolded. In it, she argued that Lord Francis Bacon, along with others, wrote Shakespeare's plays. Her strong accusations and bold ideas, opened the minds of many people, and...

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