Comparing Shakespeare’s original text of
                  “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”
      to the modernized film text- Shakespeare Retold

“A Midnight Summer’s Dream” is as relevant to audiences today as it was in Shakespeare’s time.”

How has the film text “A Midnight Summer’s Dream – Shakespeare Retold,” been changed from the original text to effectively engage modern audience.

There are numerous ways in which A Midsummer Night's Dream Retold has been changed from the original text in order to successfully engage a modern audience.

The setting

The setting in the film is a setting we would recognize because we see modern day things such houses, cars driving by and people wearing clothes that we would usually wear ourselves. The film is set in the 21st century in a dream park resort in England, (a fantasy world set within the world of reality), whereas the original text was set in Athens in Greece, nearly one hundred years ago, which clearly shows a huge change from the original setting and also shows how modern day audiences would relate to a dream park resort in England, more than a castle clad in Athens. Obviously, people today, would be more familiar with a park, normal houses and cozy cabins rather than castles and odd architecture that almost nobody lives in these days.
In the original text ,set in Athens, there are specific strict laws which require a daughter to die if she does not act according to her father’s will and Athenian law, Hermia was given four days to choose between Demetrius, life in a nunnery, or a death sentence.
The modernized film however, has no such law and certainly no execution, so instead problems are sorted out face to face as Hermia does by trying to speak to her Father about her troubled love life and the man she truly loves, and her father trying to make sense what his daughter is saying to him, rather than taking it to the extreme and forcing his own wishes upon her as he tries to so strongly in the original...

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