“I’m sorry Peter, you have kidney stone, you have three weeks to live, unless surgically removed” the doctor said.

I was silent, in the verge of crying.
“how much is it going to cost me?” I replied

“Three thousand dollars”

I was speechless. The room felt smaller and I felt like I was trapped, I had nothing, the only valuable possession I had was freedom. I ran out of the room in guilt. I should’ve done something with my life, all due to the events of my childhood. I was doomed.

2 days later
The sweet, yet acrid scent of sweat from the man clogged up my nostrils. I pointed the knife to his chest and he was as still as a statue.

“W- What do you want?” He stuttered.

“That necklace.”

My eyes were filled with great sorrow as I gazed upon him, I wish he knew how it felt like to be in my place, to feel so helpless. My actions at that moment were that of a criminal’s and of which that I never would’ve done, but I could not think of any other way in which this could be resolved.  

“This? This is my wife’s,” he murmured in his anxious tone. He quickly changed his mind as I pressed the knife to his head.

I snatched the diamond masterpiece while my subconscious tucked away the knife inside my belt.

“If I ever get on my feet again, I will try to pay you back.”

I bolted in the sight of the police car. They weren’t yet aware of an armed robbery going on. As soon as I had left, the man dialled the three numbers that could land me in prison.



The police officers rushed over in a blur and grasped the handle of the knife in my belt. I gazed at the tranquil birds flying ahead to grasp my last minute of freedom.
A female officer whipped out a pair of handcuffs and attached them to my wrists so tight, it may have stopped my blood from circulating. She read me my rights and put me in the car and drove me off....