Sg Cowen

Wilson Chan
SG Cowen Case
Martin Street is in his second year of his MBA at Wharton University. Some of his strengths include strong leadership skills, the ability to articulate, and being disciplined. Having experienced the military, he must possess a strong mentality and is a confident character. The down side to having experienced the military is that he may be too disciplined and focused on one issue to the point where co-workers may find it offensive. This builds on his weaknesses of having difficulty to be able to show a positive and creative attitude. In addition to that he has no prior business experiences and given that he’s used to the military giving him orders to act, he will not be taking the initiative to start his own business anytime soon. Overall, his weakness far outweighs his strengths.
Natalya Godlewska: Hire - top student in finance department with impressive finance background, analytical knowledge, and understand of the financial market. Although only mediocre speaking the English language she is multilingual, speaking fluent Russian, Polish, German, and some French. Big advantage when it comes to international negotiations. Not only is she intelligent and resourceful, she also radiates a positive attitude and demonstrates initiative in her personality which is rare to find.
Martin Street: Not hire – has no business experience whatsoever and does not show desire to want the job. Although he may have been an effective leader in the military, the military is far too regimented. Before actions are taken orders need to be issued. Thus, experience in this type of field is of little significance in the business field, where go-getters who act on instincts are preferred. On top of that, military soldiers are trained to be serious and logic-oriented. It will be very difficult for them to suddenly adjust and become creative, positive, and friendly. The two are at opposite extremes.
Ken Goldstein: Not hire – although he had a very...