Sexuality in Today’S Society

“A glimpse at the portrayal of modern women in U.S. advertising, fashion, television, music videos, and films further reveals a double- edge stereotype. On the one hand, we see the successful woman of the 21st century: the perfect wife/mother/career woman, the triumphant professional who leaps gracefully about the pages of fashion magazines. She is high- powered lawyer or surgeon that we commonly see on prime- time television, outgoing, bright, and assertive ( Newman).”
The purpose of advertising is to convince people that the products that are being advertised are of use to them in one way or another. I think if people agree, they will go out and buy them. For many products it is possible to find some sort of a sexual connection. However, sexual connection is much easier to find for men than for women. Remember that men have minimal criteria for sexual desire; they are concerned with a woman's anatomy -- as long as a woman looks young enough and healthy, she is desirable to them. Men will also consider her beautiful, since to a male beautiful and sexually attractive are virtually synonymous. Advertisers often use sex to sell their products, and usually they use female models to associate the product whether it’s a cell phone, pantyhose or dish cleanser, with the sex act. In a Verizon ad, the text written in the phone, "I'm easy. Take me home. Turn me on."- refers to the Verizon phone service provided by phone, and the sexual willingness of the model. Both the woman and the phone are portrayed as objects that the potential buyer can acquire and use.
For ads aimed at men, courtship and romance are not a primary approach. Instead, the approach is sex without any complications or difficulties. For example beer. According to demographics, men rather than women buy and drink the most beer. So therefore, it makes sense for most beer advertising to aim at men. With sex appeal the second strongest appeal, it makes sense to use it to make a certain beer more attractive...