Sexuality Counseling During Different Stages of Life

Sexuality Counseling During Different Stages of Life

Shannon Lahaie


July 17, 2011

Sharon Belden

      As long as people are alive they will have trouble with their sexuality, or at least issues with something concerning sexuality in some way, shape, or form.   This is simply a “fact of life”.   In the earlier years of our lives, we spend most of our time worrying about sexuality in the sense that we are either battling with the decision of behaving sexually or worrying about our performance because of lack of experience.   As we get older these issues change to things like sustaining a sexual relationship in a long-term marriage or physical limitations.   Regardless of the issue, it is best to try and understand why things are the way they are to allow stronger and better solutions

      Scenario One (Anna and Her Boyfriend)

      The first thing I would do as Anna’s counselor is to convey an attitude of acceptance so she would know I was not judging her in any way.   I would also convey that whatever decision she makes has to be for her and only her, as it is HER she will have to live with in the long-run.   I would then open a dialogue with Anna starting with the hormonal and physical changes, (I would limit my explanation of these hormonal changes to “becoming an adult”, or “becoming a woman”, at least initially.), and then reassuring her again that these thoughts and urges are normal but that she also needs to be aware that there are virtually ALWAYS consequences for our actions, and she needs to be aware of not only consequences, but dangers as well.

      I would mention pregnancy, abortion, sexually transmitted diseases, the benefits of abstinence, and also that her boyfriend is at a different time in his life than she is.   I would let her now that despite the age difference only being three years, at this crucial time of a young person’s life three years can seem like a lifetime when we think about the amount of change we undergo....