Sexual Techuqunics

Methods of Contraceptions

      There are several choices for birth control for Dan and Tina to choose from. The one I think I would prefer if it was me would be the pill. The pill can be taken every day and is very affective.   The advantage found in the use of oral contraception is that when used properly, it is nearly 100% effective unlike many other forms of contraception, such as the condom or diaphragm. Before considering the pill Tina and Dan need to consider the risk as well. The use of the pills may produce side effects such as nausea and vomiting, fluid retention (feeling bloated), weight gain, increased vaginal discharge, headaches, tenderness in the breasts, and dizziness. Many of these side effects are temporary.

    When considering the best protection for Linda I decided that condoms would be the best for her. Being sexually active while dating and not knowing how much she dates I think the condom would be best.   The advantage of the condom is that it not only protects foe unwanted pregnancy which she is not ready to be a parent and protects from STDs as well. The disadvantages would be that there is the chance of them braking or coming off during sex. Only some brands of condoms protect a person totally form different types of STDs as well. I think that along with the use of condoms Linda may also consider some type of protection like the diaphragm for extra protection against pregnancy and limit her sexual activity to protect herself from STDs.