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Movie review: Face Book Parenting: For My Troubled Teen

Stacey-Ann Ottey Clarke:

A Project on
Parenting Education


The plot
The video “Face Book Parenting: For Troubled Teen” was probably the most surprising parenting video of the year. It was filmed on February 7, 2012 on an open lot. This video featured an angry North Carolina father by the name of Tommy Jordon who is an Information Technology worker.   Tommy Jordan made this stunning video for his 15 year old daughter, Hannah because she posted a very disrespectful letter on Face Book about her parents. Tommy sat on a wooden chair and took out a letter which he printed from his daughters.’ Face Book page. The letter was titled “To My Parents”. The father read the letter on youtube so that her friends, family and other parents could listen to it. The letter was highlighting his daughters’ rebellious behaviours; over the overwhelming chores she had to do at home every day .His daughter Hannah made it clear that it was not her responsibility, and refused to do the chores. Hannah’s father was very disappointed in her disgraceful behavior and pierce bullets in her laptop to teach her a lesson. (Computer murder)
Problem behaviour
The problem behavior can be described as “the behavior of a rebellious teenager” According to the Encarta Dictionary: English (UK), a rebellious teenager is one that opposes or defies authority. This troubled teen was expressing her feelings by posting a disrespectful letter about her parents on Face Book. This behaviour was prevalent throughout the entire letter and was a symbol to show that she was frustrated and angry with her parents. She overthrows her parents’ authority by the use of extremely disrespectful words to her parents in her letter. This aggression was a result of the excess workload that she had to do every day. She absolutely felt like a slave because her mind was in the gutter about how she was forced into doing chores she hated and there was a...