Sex: Not and Addiciton but a Resposibility

Sex: Not an Addiction but a Responsibility
Bryce Walkiewicz
Berry College

Sex is a very sensitive subject in the world today, even though it was what makes the world go round.   There is a major issue, and that is if sex is addictive or just a strong chemistry bond between two people.   Patrick J. Carnes believes that sex is addictive just like alcohol or any other drug, while Lawrence A. Siegel believes that addictive is way over the top and confuses moral ideology with scientific facts.   I believe that sex is a passion shared between two individuals, and if they choose to do it a lot then that is their decision.   I do not believe that sex is addictive and is needed like alcohol or drugs can be.   There are four main points on why these authors think their ways. Sex is merely an interest to people, not an addiction.
The first point is that “sexual addiction” is just a term that falls outside of a social norm, though Patrick thinks that sex is a straight addiction.   I agree with Lawrence in that he states what the people say and know instead of biased statistics (3).   Lawrence states three main reasons why it is not addictive.   They are that sex is healthy in a heterosexual relationship, sexual expressions have obvious limits, and that it is unhealthy to have sex just to feel better when one is down (3).   All these coming from the people sex addiction advocates.   All these reasons reflect a restrictive view, and how sex is not a scientific experiment.   Patrick argues that sex is more of a pick-me-up, instead of a passion which is why he believes it becomes an addiction.   He states that sex is a compulsive behavior that interferes with normal living which causes stress on family, friends, and working environments (2).   I can see how when one is mad they use sex to relieve some stress, but that is a personal opinion and cannot judge that sex is addictive.   On this issue I do believe both authors bounce on both sides of the fence a little much, they still are able...