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Stop Smoking Tips
One cannot blame you if you reject the notion of quitting smoking. After all, it’s a Herculean task that involves withdrawal effects that nobody wants to put up with. But just like any other addiction or vice, it involves some adjustment that may last for a couple of days or weeks, but it’s followed by health benefits that are so elusive when you’re still stuck on your addiction.
You should do everything in your power to free yourself from this dangerous addiction. First and foremost, you save yourself and those around you from the risks of catching lung cancer and cardiac diseases. To top it off, it will also save you money!
If you’re looking for stop smoking tips that undeniably work, all you have to do is read on. Just like you, I’m a smoker many years back. But with the help of the following stop smoking tips, I was able to liberate myself from this vice.
Let’s take a look at these stop smoking tips:
Start With Regular Exercise
You should start by physically conditioning yourself. I don’t know any smoker who exercises regularly. And to start your battle against smoking, taking a 10-20 minute jog or walk is in order. Along with that, you should also change your diet for the better.
Try Caffeine During Meals
If you’re like me, you’d agree that the urge to smoke is at its strongest after eating meals. How do you lessen that urge? One good way is to drink beverages that have caffeine like soda and coffee. Don’t go overboard though!
Aside from that, you can also use nicotine gums or candies as alternatives.
Write Down A Definite Plan
Willpower alone is not enough to overcome this addiction....