Sex Education Impacts Topic Proposal

My paper will be on sex education in schools and the impacts it may have on children who participate. The paper will cover topics such as abstinence, pregnancy and STD prevention teaching versus only abstinence education, parental concerns, involvement and outlook as well as affectivity of sex education programs that are already in place in schools.
I will also cover the political impact on sex education and the way it affects the curriculum being taught in schools.   This may also include teacher insight and student feedback regarding the implementation of sex education and its’ impact if any in the community and on the participating students.
The debate on appropriate age/grade level for sex education will also be discussed focusing mainly on the difference of opinion that occurs between parents and schools and whether or not parents are allowed to opt out of having their children participate. This would also address questions that span the topic like details about curriculum, information about abstinence and pregnancy prevention, whether or not the programs are being informative or suggestive, and if participating students feel that they are more or less interested in having sex once they have completed the sex education program being offered at their school.
I intend to close my paper with statistical information that supports the impact sex education is having while offering insight into the actual successes and failures of sex education in schools in such a way that highlights the programs ability to be informative without inadvertently encouraging students to participate in premarital sex or sex acts.