Settling Down in Foreign Country

It is not strange that one would find it difficult to settle in a foreign country and blend into a new culture. However there are quite a number of solutions to adapt to living overseas though it is not an easy task. The main issue of living in foreign country is to adjust to the language and culture of the local people and to overcome homesickness.
To start with, language constitutes a great part of the barrier.   Without speaking the local language, it would not be convenient to carry out your daily living ranging from buying your food to asking directions to places. It is not much of a problem when you are a tourist visiting a place for a short time.   But when it comes to settling down, it becomes a necessity. You need to learn the language because it is not only an issue of convenience but also a matter of blending in.  
Secondly, you need to adjust to the local culture and life style. You would need to adapt to the local food and local costume.   Since the culture may differ from one another, you would need to learn the social norm and act accordingly. Otherwise you would be isolated because of your difference.
Last but not least, is the problem of homesickness. Homesickness is not just simply missing friends and family. As we divert away from the way of life we used to, we miss the moment we have with our loved one and we miss the food and the places we used to enjoy. The way to alleviate homesickness is to love the place you live and make it home to you. Make new friends in the new place while keeping in touch with old friends.
To sum up it is rational for everybody to find it difficult to blend into different country and different culture. However, there are ways to tackle these problems. We could have a wonderful life anywhere if we could change our attitude and embrace what we have.