Setting Up a Turkey Hunting Blind

Demonstrative Speech

Set up a turkey blind.


    A.   Opening Statement:   Did you know that the turkey has a field of view of 270 degrees?   Did you know that a turkey can pinpoint sounds as far as a mile away?   For those of you interested in hunting the elusive spring turkey, I am going to show you how to set up a turkey blind with ease.   Once you have mastered setting up your turkey blind, your chances of taking a spring turkey will increase greatly and   aid in turning turkey hunting into one of your favorite past times.

    B.   Terminal Learning Objective:   Given a turkey blind and outdoor environment, set up a turkey blind   IAW Turkey Hunters Everywhere.
    C.   Class Procedure and Lesson Tie-in:   Today’s demonstration is Part I of V workshops.   After the break, we will discuss part II, setting up decoys.
    D.   Risk Assessment Level:   Low.
    A.   Steps in the Procedure.
          1.   Gather the items: Turkey blind.
          2.   Inspect equipment to ensure it is functioning properly.
NOTE:   This should be completed prior to using the blind for hunting.
          3.   Select the site for set up ensure the area has minimal obstacles.
NOTE:   The ground should be relatively flat and free of brush.
          4.   Clear any leaves and sticks in a 6’ x 6’ section of the site set up.
QUESTION:   Besides concealing movement, what else will a turkey blind conceal?
ANSWER:   Noise.  
NOTE:   The leaves and sticks may be used later to improve the concealment of the blind.
          5.   Unzip the carrying bag that contains the turkey blind
          6.   Remove the blind from the bag.
          7.   Place the empty carrying bag outside of the cleared area.
          8.   Place the blind in the center of the cleared area with the black side facing down.
NOTE:   The blind will appear concave and will not lay completely flat on the ground.
          9.   Pull the only visible lanyard...