Setting Groundrules

Initial Assessment
Understanding & using inclusive teaching & learning approaches in education & training

Assessment Criteria: 2.4

  * Task:   250 words
  * Summarise ways to establish ground rules with learners in your organisation / subject specialism

Write your response in the box below:
There are several approaches I could take to establishing ground rules with my learners.   Most of my learners will be employed in a professional capacity so will likely have experience of a learning environment, a decent grasp of why we need ground rules and what those rules should be.   They also have the right to expect me to behave in an appropriate manner, so the ground rules must apply equally to me.I could impose all of the rules.   There may be some that the learners don’t agree with but they may feel they don’t have a choice.   This could create tension which is unnecessary, especially if I don’t explain why they are required.   If there is a need to implement one of the ground rules, the learner might rightly say that they didn’t fully understand.   Learners could have free reign to create their own set of ground rules.     However, they may not have specific knowledge about the course or venue that would cause them to leave out something important.   This could be a H&S issue or a course attendance requirement for instance.As a group we can have a discussion about ground rules and record suggestions on a flipchart.   We can then decide which ones are required in order to maintain the most effective learning environment.   Some of course will be non-negotiable such as H&S.   This way, everyone will have an understanding of what is expected of them and will have agreed to work to a set standard. |
Signature: Jules Sebelin

Date: 6 April 2015