Setting Groundrules Within Your Lesson

Theory Task 4 Level 4

Ground rules are something that are set as a group or class; they should include and incorporate both students and the tutor. It is where, boundaries of acceptable behaviours are agreed and attitudes are discussed, by all members of the class, taking into consideration everyone’s suggestions, and coming up with a group agreement. Thus creating a safe and respectful space in which participants have the opportunity to benefit from the learning experience.
When starting out with a new group of learners I feel it is important to set group rules at the very beginning. This is important because it is the initial stage where the group is coming together and is forming new relationships. Certainly not only is it a way of addressing any apprehensions that any one of the each individual student may have, but also acts as an ice breaker, giving all the learners the opportunity to have there say and get involved. This resulting in an agreed list of ground rules set by the group and also enabling relationships and team gelling to be formed. The ground rules that are agreed by the class become a working team agreement document and should be displayed each week.
Learners including adults many of which may not have been in any education system for many years will still need a sense of structure and the need to feel safe and valued in the classroom or group. Here are some of the ground rules I would like to use within my lesson:
Punctuality start and finish lesson/break times on time.
Respect each other and their positive opinions
Mobile phones off or on silent
Quiet hand- let fellow students have their say without any interruptions.


There are many different ways to establish ground rules, I as the tutor could make a list of ground rules and give out, the advantages of this are ideal for perhaps lessons which involve health and safety issues which must be ad eared to, or if it is only one lesson and time is precious it is a quick...