Setting Goals

Setting SMART goals

                        Tonya Cuevaz

Setting SMART goals
Setting Goals
I have a goal to finish college in order to better my career and my life. Not that my life was bad to begin with, I have had a great life, made all the more wonderful by the unexpected birth of my only child. My career however in early childhood education has very little chance of moving forward without the advantage of a higher education.  
John Maxwell wrote ““Don’t ever be impressed with goal setting; be impressed with goal getting. Reaching new goals and moving to a higher level of performance always requires change, and change feels awkward. But take comfort in the knowledge that if a change doesn't feel uncomfortable, then it's probably not really a change.”
It will take a lot of preplanning on my part because as I have stated before I have a small child so I will need to sharpen my time management skills, find what “quiet time” I can to work on reading lessons, lecture notes and searching for resources for example I plan on looking into resources that will help me take better notes – a skill that has always eluded me.
Though there is not a strict time frame in which I am constrained to fulfill this goal I do plan on completing at least one lesson per week with a passing grade, more if possible in to complete my degree in two years’ time. Utilizing all the resources that Ashworth’s student portal offs will be of great help as I can keep up with my grades and upcoming lessons.
To conclude, with a lot of hard work, dedication of time, sharpening of study skills I believe I can achieve my goal of earning my degree by mid-year 2018. Then I will be able to better serve those children in my care for as to quote J.R.R. Tolkien “Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.”

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