Seth's Agonizing Life

Sethe’s Agonizing Life
      Could slavery ever lead people to kill their own child? In the time of slavery, it was a major advantage to be of the Caucasian race. The treatment of African American slaves was so horrible with whipping, humiliation and torture.   The torture that people endured, affected not only them but also affected people around them and the decisions they made. In the novel Beloved, the author Toni Morrison explores the devastating and far reaching impacts slavery has on the life of one particular slave, Sethe; slavery has affected and perhaps irrevocably changed many aspects of Sethe's life, her sense of identity, her relationships with her friends and fellow slaves, and her sense of what is morally acceptable.
    In the novel Beloved, the main character, Sethe’s, life changed after the death of Mr. Garner the landowner of Sweet Home. Mr. and Mrs. Garner treated their slaves with respect and they were able to make decision and respected as people (Schirf). Mrs. Garner asked the schoolteacher and his two nephews to manage the plantation (Morrison 259.) At this point, the lives of the slaves, especially Sethe, turned out to dehumanize with torture, violence and humiliation.   Due to the torture, the slaves began attempting to escape and some actually made it from Sweet Home. The novel begins with Paul D, a former slave from the same plantation that Sethe was a slave, Sweet Home, comes to visit with Sethe. Sethe and Paul D begin to talk about some of the events that happen at Sweet Home. Sethe tells of the story of how she and her husband were to escape due to the pain they were dealing with. While she was waiting on him, the schoolteacher’s nephews attained her, raped, and sucked the milk from her as if she was a cow. After this endeavor, she told Mrs. Garner, the landowner about the incident of them taking her milk (Morrison 20). When the schoolteacher found out she had told her this, she experienced a beaten until the skin on her back ripped...