Service Request Sr-Rm-022, Part 2

College of Information Systems & Technology
BSA/375 Version 13
Fundamentals of Business Systems Development
Service Request SR-rm-022, Part 2
Application Architecture and Process Design
I think when dealing with application architecture and process design you will need to define the interface between the businesses along with the technical view for information systems. The most important part of the process is important in order to build a consistent application through System Development Life Cycle phases. In the following table, I have depicted the application architecture and process design for Riordan Manufacturing:
Riordan Manufacturing Operational Requirements
Since Riordan Manufacturing requires portability, thin client-server architecture must be used because it is easier to write HTML5 standards for this type of server. Then the system can conduct transactions via the internet through employees’ browser. Integration of the updated HR system with the existent software is a must. To meet system requirements for integration with employee desktop computers Riordan should us client server architecture.
Riordan Manufacturing Performance Requirements
Riordan Manufacturing is looking for a high tech system, one that can handle its Human Resources payload, forms, and documents. To meet system performance requirements this is why Riordan has chosen client-server architecture. The client-server architecture will allow better integration of hardware, and will handle the payload. This is because of client-server architecture reliability, scalability, response time, and availability. This client server architecture relies on the operating system used, and for this reason Riordan will upgrade to Microsoft Windows 7 operating system because as we know Windows 7 are most user friendly.
Riordan Manufacturing Security requirements
Part of the client-server architecture is to house all software in one location; this will in turn increase the security on the...