Service Marketing

Service Marketing
Cathay Pacific Airline
Ocean Park

By   Eva Hung Sze Nga


  1. Introduction
  2. Cathay Pacific Airline
      Customer experience
      -Customer Choice
      -Customer journey
      -Customer experience
      -Postexperience evaluation
      -Customer Satisfaction
      Marketing mix
  3. Ocean Park
      Customer experience
      -Service characteristics
      -Service quality
      Marketing mix


To explain the service marketing in Hong Kong, I chose Cathay Pacific Airline and Ocean Park, as they are the two leading companies in their respective industry to represent two different industries. And also their service qualities are both famous in Hong Kong.

Cathay Pacific Airline is the 4th largest airline company in the world and has employed around 27,600 people worldwide.
It is a difficult thing to manage a company that has employed almost 30,000 people worldwide, while still keeping a good reputation and a high world ranking at the same time. Service strategies are most important, giving enough training for the employees, Cathay Pacific Airline’s purpose is to make the customer feel warm. It is because its advertisements always show how the flight attendants take care of the customer’s needs.

Ocean Park is the only local theme park in Hong Kong, like Hong Kong Disneyland, it focuses on service, and to bring customers an interesting experience.
Ocean Park keeps improving their service and facilities, such as opening increasingly attractive and meaningful zones to keep the customers’ feeling fresh. It is more valuable for the local people than Hong Kong Disneyland.

Customer experience of Cathay Pacific Airline

To operate a worldwide company, good service is the way to keep customers’ loyalty. Cathay Pacific has a slogan, “Great service, great people, great fares!” It shows that Cathay’s main concern is their customers’ needs....