Service Marketing

Question 1
how service would provide competitive advantage?
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Many firms strive for a competitive advantage, but few truly understand what it is or how to achieve and keep it. A competitive advantage can be gained by offering the consumer a greater value than the competitors, such as by offering lower prices or providing quality services or other benefits that justify a higher price. The strongest competitive advantage is a strategy that that cannot be imitated by other companies.

Companies can also differentiate the services that accompany the physical product. Two companies can offer a similar physical product, but the company that offers additional services can charge a premium for the product. Mary Kay cosmetics offers skin-care and glamour cosmetics that are very similar to those offered by many other cosmetic companies; but these products are usually accompanied with an informational, instructional training session provided by the consultant. This additional service allows Mary Kay to charge more for their product than if they sold the product through more traditional channels

What can a commercial organization sell without a buying customer?
What keeps a customer loyal to your business, rather than buying from your competitors?

Customer service, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty go hand in hand. The competitive advantage excellent customer service creates is just that -- excellent service. Imagine if you were horrible at providing the product your competitors and you provide (bad customer service). Your competitors would be thrilled.

Now imagine, with proper training ;), providing that product in the best context possible... making your customer feel great (and ready to tell hundreds of people about their experience through the most effective type of marketing -- word-of-mouth)!

Question 4
Service design – costumer encounter how to get costumer into
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