Service Learning Essay

The community service discussed in this essay is Meals on Wheels located from web. Meals on Wheels is a non-profit organization which is familiar to Australians and is quite popular among communities. Meal on Wheels plays an incredible role of providing food to older people and younger one with disabilities across Australia and thus enabling them to stay at home. During a year, more than 78,700 volunteers helps in delivering over 14.8 million meals to about 53,000 clients all over Australia (Enjoying life- supporting independence, n.d.).
Every day more than 15,000 people who are either frail, aged people or people with disability and their carers receive nutritionally balanced meal from Meals on Wheels with very low cost across NSW (Fact sheet: Meals on Wheels in NSW, n.d.). This service is beneficial to those people who prefers to stay at home but needs assistance with cooking. Thus, Meals on Wheels provides independence to these people in their own homes. Meals on wheels makes sure that the food delivered to the clients contain highest source of nutrition and thus promoting their health and well being. The nutritious diet which contributes to healthy life also helps to reduce the risk of fall and other related health risks in older people.

As per stated in the Information package (2010), the main focus of Meals on Wheels is to provide a service which is planned according to the needs of individual client. That’s why there is also provision of cultural diet for the people from culturally and linguistically diverse background. Meals on Wheels also offers special snack foods and breakfast packs for the dementia client to help remind these people to have their meals during a day which is really worth. More than all of this, the volunteers provide social interaction with the clients which helps to decrease their social isolation and thus assist in monitoring their health and well being (Fact sheet: Meals on Wheels in NSW, n.d.).

Based on Primary Health Care...