Sepereated by Ender

Separated by Gender

Segregation is the separation of groups, the practice of keeping ethnic, racial, religious, or gender groups separate, especially by enforcing the use of separate schools, transportation, housing, and other facilities, and usually discriminating against a minority group. There are many questionable debates out there weather all schools should be segregated by gender or not. Some say they should be, and there are many schools that are, and some say that no we should keep coed schooling, which I agree.
Kids go to school to learn and school to learn is about social interaction. They cannot learn social skills and interaction if they are segregated. Parents want their children to learn values, and the things they will need to know once they leave their parents. Part of where they learn those skills is at school. You have to give them a safe space to test and learn those types of things. Children learn how to interact with each other, develop friendships, and learn social skills by being able to be with and around peers. If this is taken away then where can they learn this from? Yes there are all boy or all-girls school but they wouldn’t get the universal skills.
If you keep them separated, not only will they lose social skills, they will end up going behind parents back to see people. When you tell kids No they will usually do what they want and what they can get that opposite answer. Parenting seems hard from a teenager’s point of view and this would just make it harder. Segregating the sexes during school won't help. They will most likely sneak around, and hide things parents would rather they be honest with them about. Boys are a normal part of life, and on a girls part they know and learn boundaries. And parents with girls, such as mine, want that open communication. But if you are separating them from this and keeping them enclosed off from the social life and meeting new people such as boys then they will create sneaky habits.
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