Separate Peace

Deserved Truth
Also, Gene should have confessed the truth because it could have prevented Finny’s death. Gene visited Finny in the hospital seeking to reveal the truth to him. After a long conversation they got to the point. After the truth was truly revealed face to face, Finny managed to say, “I believe you. It’s okay because I understand and believe you. You’ve already shown me and I believe you” (191). This shows that it was possible for Gene to confess to him with a proper understanding in response. But prior to this conversation, Gene was unable to do so. After the meeting that Brinker put together left Finny in anguish, he rushed out the door and fell down a staircase. If Gene would have just told Finny the truth prior to this it could have saved Finny’s life because he would not be in total shock. This also could have resulted in this meeting never taking place. If Finny had not died, it would have totally changed the outcome of the novel.
All together, even though Gene retained Finny’s friendship by not confessing the truth, Gene should have admitted the truth because it would have relieved him from anguish, set Finny’s mind straight, and prevented Finny’s death. Some say that Gene should not have confessed in order to maintain friendship. On the other hand, Gene should have confessed in order to relieve himself from sorrow. He also should have told the truth to give Finny the information that he deserved to clear his mind and set it straight. Finally, he could have saved the life of Finny if he would have confessed the truth prior to his shocking reveal. This novel would have had a better outcome at the end if Gene would have just been able to confess the truth that Finny deserved. It just goes to show that if a mistake or lie is made by a friend, the truth needs to be said before it is too late.
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